Funniest Wedding Moments: Part 1

Whether they are candid moments or staged, I love photographing the moments that are "not the norm." And let me tell you, they vary. But one thing they all have in common: they are all awesome!

Let me share some of my favorite funny moments. Also, this is part 1 of many! 

Keene NH: Edible Flowers
One of my favorite Keene Weddings was when the bride and groom specifically requested that one photo I was to absolutely get was the "eating of the bouquet."

They had my attention. 

It was true! They ate part of the bouquet. The bride had composed her arrangement with edible flowers and veggies.

Here is the photo.

Rye NH: Super Hero Punch
Ben and Abbie’s wedding was really awesome. One of the requests for portraits was a cool one: super hero ground punch. I’ve done this a few times but Ben and his groomsmen had the best timing. 

Jay Peak VT: Dirty Dancing

First of all, this wedding wins the award for best movie-trailer introduction to a wedding reception. That’s correct, you read that right… they had a movie trailer they acted out and well-produced, complete with every single movie trope out there. 

Sadly, I can’t share that video, but what I can share is their last dance where they re-enacted the last dance in Dirty Dancing. 

That's all for now. If I included ALL of these kinds of moments, this post would be a book-length. 

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