Why I Love These Photos - Between Moments

As a candid photographer, or photo journalistic photographer... or documentary photography (there are so many names for "candid" these days), we play a game between pure, unobtrusive moment and posed. We try to keep a moment alive but we, as photographers, need to step in and... shape a moment when necessary. 

This is why I'm featuring two moments from very different weddings. There is this magical time between wedding ceremony and reception where everything is done! Ceremony is over. Portrait time is finished, and there is enough of a breather before the introductions to the reception kick off again. 

When the ceremony is finished and all the guests have gone to party, the emptiness of the chairs gives a wide-open space and a refreshing breather for the bride and groom. 

It's a fun pose:

boston wedding photography holliston

But more importantly, it's also a chance for a very quiet, candid moment:

White Mountains wedding photography franconia

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