A Flowery Wedding at Sunset Hill House

Wedding Photography at the Sunset Hill Resort in Sugar Hill, NH

Wedding Photography at the Sunset Hill Resort in Sugar Hill, NH

I recently had the privilege of photographing a wedding recently at Sugar Hill in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I frequently do weddings in the Whites, and it's by far one of my most favorite places to visit. The land is beautiful and I feel that I have a sense of home up in the mountains. But this is the first time I visited Sugar Hill.

I was immediately stunned by the amount of Lupines growing wild in the area. There are endless fields covered in purple and pink. The air was clear, with great, white puffy clouds in the sky. The visibility of the mountains was incredible! And it was a nice, breezy seventy degrees. You couldn't ask for a better day for a wedding.

The wedding and reception was held at Sunset Hill House. It's an old, historic inn that is reminiscent to the grand hotels of the 19th century, but still retains a quaint, home feel.

The wedding was casual and warm. Both the bride and groom and their families were fantastic and friendly with a great sense of humor.

Jessica - the bride - was stunning and sweet in her wedding dress. Tim - the groom - was relaxed and funny. In fact, all his groomsmen were funny. Often times it takes a bit of work to get the guys to relax in photographs. These guys were no problem.

Between the wedding and the reception we had the chance to go into the lupine fields and get some great portraits. These flowers in some areas come up chest high. It was awesome!

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Below you'll find a small sampling of photos we took that day.