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Maudslay State Park Engagement Photography with Bethany and Jake

Maudslay State Park Engagement Photography with Bethany and Jake

I am very much looking forward to photographing Bethany and Jake's wedding next year. They are an awesome couple! Very fun and very charismatic! I had a blast photographing their engagement session in Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA.

Alicia and Tim's Wedding Photography at Eagle Mountain House, Jackson NH

I love, love, love Jackson NH! Any time I'm asked to photograph a wedding anywhere in that area, I jump at that chance. When Alicia and Tim asked me to be their wedding photographer for their wedding at the Eagle Mountain House in the White Mountains, I already had my bags packed! Tim and Alicia are...

Beautiful Fall Wedding at Abenaqui Country Club, Rye NH

Abby and Ben's engagement session in Portsmouth NH was a lot of fun to photograph. Even though it was in the dead of Winter and cold, they were great and it's by far one of my favorite winter sessions! So I could not wait to photograph their big day in the Fall...

A Great Fall Wedding at Zorvino Vineyards

Wedding Photography at Zorvino's Winery in Sandown NH

Wedding Photography at Zorvino's Winery in Sandown NH

On Sunday I had an absolutely wonderful time photographing Sarah Ann and Graham's wedding at Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown NH. It was an amazing fall day - cool, crisp and vibrant. You couldn't ask for a better day. Sarah Ann was super nice and quite energetic. Graham was very cool and down to earth - a great couple! Both were very emotive - it was great!

And the staff at Zorvino Vineyards were great. The grounds were beautiful. The leaves were just starting to turn orange and red. The grape vines were also starting to turn, giving off a nice campaign hue. And the wedding was at sunset, giving the entire grounds a brilliant gold tone.

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Below you’ll find some highlights from Sarah Ann and Graham's wedding. Click to enlarge the photo:

Wedding at The Margate in Laconia, NH


Fall is here officially in New England. The leaves are changing, the air is cool and crisp. I'm excited about the upcoming weddings in the colorful foliage. Yet, part of me still wishes for the warm summer. Rebecca and Greg's wedding was a great summer wedding that was held at one of my favorite places in the New Hampshire lakes regions, The Margate in Laconia. It was a warm one. The sun was bright and both bride and groom were spirited and super fun to work with. There was a lot of energy in the wedding party. And that sun... that sun was strong but it shined just right to give the bride an amazing glow - it was perfect!

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Below you'll find some highlights from Rebecca and Greg's wedding. Click to enlarge the photo:

Wedding in New Boston NH

New Boston NH Wedding Photographer

New Boston NH Wedding Photographer

I love rustic weddings. There is a certain charm to them that's accented by the old New England landscape. Tiffany and Ryan's wedding was just that kind of day from the old church right down to the 4H fairgrounds barn and stables. It was a gorgeous day! In addition, their dinner was provided by Hart's Turkey Farm. At first I thought turkey in the middle of the summer would be too much. I thought it would be too heavy. And then I tried their food. Wow! It was incredible and a perfect fit to the atmosphere!

Tiffany and Ryan were great to work with. A lot of fun, and very down to earth. It was super easy to mix a candid photography style to their big day.

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Here are some more photos from Tiffany and Ryan's wedding. Click to enlarge:

Wedding at Sunny Slope Farm

Alton NH wedding Photography

Alton NH wedding Photography

It's not everyday that you get to see a rainbow. It's even rarer to be able to photograph one during a wedding. Fortunately I was able to do it at Sabrina and Al's wedding up at Sunny Slope Farm in Alton, NH. It was a great, laid-back wedding in a beautiful location. And the photo that you see on the right... the couple was awesome because it was still raining when we took that photo.

The location was great. Sunny Slope Farm has this great, rustic-New England charm from their Inn to the barn itself.

It was a great wedding to photograph. The couple were easy to work with and very outgoing - no fear in any of the photography! And that makes the portrait sessions much easier to organize.

And speaking of the portrait session - the timing couldn't have been better with the setting sun shining a brilliant gold hue on the couple. The light literally made the bride glow. Shortly after the portraits the clouds rolled in and rained briefly.

It helps that during my early college days I was majoring in Environmental Science. It studied weather for a semester and I could tell that the rain was going to be short-lived. I knew that a rainbow was going to form, I just needed to know where. I grabbed my camera and watched. And then I spotted it...

Turns out I didn't have to try all that hard. It was big and it was bright! You can't ask for anything more!