Ocean Edge Resort

Summer Wedding at the Ocean Edge Resort on the Cape

Ocean Edge Resort Wedding Photography

Ocean Edge Resort Wedding Photography

It's not every day that I get to photograph a wedding on the Cape. This year I had the opportunity to photograph 2 and they were both incredible and fun. This is the first wedding on the Cape this year - Bob and Sarah's wedding at the Ocean Edge Resort. The weather was perfect, the couple were fun and great, and the location was top notch!

Along with my trusty, usual gear, I also brought along the Fuji X100. I've had such success in capturing candid moments with that small power-house camera that I just had to use it here as well. It paid off!

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Here is a small collection of photos from their wedding. Enjoy!

Wedding Day Before Hurricane Sandy

Candid wedding at the Ocean Edge Resort

Candid wedding at the Ocean Edge Resort

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding in Brewster MA at the Ocean Edge Resort. It's a gorgeous place on The Cape. And this was a quite the close call. Hurricane Sandy was heading up the coast towards New England. Jenna and Mathieu were lucky in that their wedding was on Saturday and New England didn't feel the Hurricane until late Sunday. It's a little bit cliche but this was really a calm before the storm. But that's okay, because it made for a perfect day.

Early in the afternoon there wasn't a cloud in the sky. By the time the ceremony was about to start, some clouds rolled in but as you can see from the photos, it was still beautiful! It wasn't until the end of the evening, when I was driving back home that I looked up in the sky to see storm clouds rolling by very quickly. It was a close one.

And Jenna and Mathieu were awesome to work with. I'm always super excited when a couple can let their hair down and be a little playful. Here's just a few of the photos I took that incredible October day: