Lanam Club wedding

Fall Wedding at The Lanam Club in Andover, MA

Wedding Photographer in Andover MA

Wedding Photographer in Andover MA

It's hard to think that it's already August. Here in Massachusetts, we had a number of massive heat waves (they felt massive to us) followed by this... weather with air that feels crisp, clear and cool. The middle of August feels a lot like mid September. And that reminds me of one of my favorite weddings from last year with Jen and Jamie over at the Lanam Club in Andover MA. The air felt a lot like it does today. It was perfect for a great outdoor wedding. The Lanam Club is a restored home that was built back in the early 1900s. It's a beautiful house with a lot of character and charm.

What I loved most was what happened in the middle of our portrait session. The sun came down over the trees just right so that gold beamed through, giving us only minutes to take advantage of the lighting.

We did, and it came out awesome! If you would like more information on my wedding photography, please contact me by following this link.

Here are some more photos from Jen and Jamie's wedding: