Hindu Wedding Photography in Weston and Lombardos and the Boston area

I had the honor of photographing a wonderful two day event, Hannah and Ketan's wedding! They chose to have an Indian, Hindu wedding and it was absolutely beautiful! The wedding ceremony and henna party was held in Weston, MA while their crazy-fun reception was held the next day at Lombardo's in Randolph, MA. 

The ceremony was small and intimate. I was thrilled to photograph every moment as well as fascinated by the priest's explanations of the traditions. Best line of the night came from the priest when he explained that this part of the ceremony is to ward off evil spirits, which means - in today's standards - we try to ward off cell phone ringing.

The henna party after the ceremony was a lot of fun, too. The henna tattoos were applied by a very talented artist, Manisha Trivedi from the HennaCafe.com.

And the next day it was an amazing party in Lombardo's! The colorful dresses, the dancing, the family and friends - it was simply amazing!

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Below are a handful of photos from the wedding day! Enjoy!