Top 3 Jackson NH Wedding Venues

Jackson NH Wedding Photography Favorites

Jackson NH Wedding Photography Favorites

As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite locations to photograph weddings is in Jackson NH. I love the White Mountains, but Jackson NH is icing on the cake! You have the beauty of the mountains. You have the charm of a small town. And there’s even a secret garden.

I’ve photographed in Jackson many many times. When brides and grooms ask me which venues are the best, my answer comes in threes. My three favorite are The Christmas Farm Inn, The Wentworth and Eagle Mountain House. I love to photograph there, I vacation there, and their staff do a wonderful job in making your wedding day special.

I love to photograph candid moments during weddings, and the atmosphere in these three locations really enhances the mood, making your candid moments more frequent and more special.

And there is no shortage of places to photograph your wedding photos, portraits and engagement sessions. From the charm of each venue’s decoration, to Jackson Falls, to the Honeymoon Covered Bridge, and even to that secret garden I mentioned earlier. I wasn’t kidding about that. There really is an enchanting area that’s hidden if you don’t know where to look. When photographing portraits, one of my favorite places is the Ravenwood Curio Shoppe.

Below are just a handful of wedding photos that I took in Jackson NH. Click on the image to enlarge.

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