Specializing in Candid Wedding Photography in the White Mountains

Your wedding day is precious, and you want to capture all the cherished moments. This means capturing the fun, the laughs, and the excitement! Marc Sadowski photographs weddings, portraits and engagements with a wonderfully unique manner, giving you memories that last a lifetime. 

Marc Sadowski spend many years growing up in and around the White Mountains area. Not only is he a wedding photographer, he is also a very accomplished landscape photographer. He knows many secret areas in the region, knows how to take advantage of the landscape and blend it perfectly into your wedding day!

Here are just a handful of photos that Marc Sadowski photographed in the White Mountains region.

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100% Attention to Your Wedding Day


I have a very honest and candid approach to my wedding photography. I stay back and capture the moments as they happen. I want to capture the actions and emotions from the day in its purest, most genuine form. And when it's time to do the portraits (either before or after the wedding ceremony) I try to make them as fun and as quick as possible. And then it's back to capturing the fun moments of your reception. It's that simple. 

What I feel that sets me apart from other wedding photography companies is that I devote 100% to your wedding day. I do not photograph multiple weddings per day. One day, one wedding. That means I put 100% of my energy into your awesome day. You deserve nothing less!

That also means I do all of the photo editing. I took the photos, I also edit and process them. I do not outsource an outside service to handle my photography. I work on the photos from start to finish! Again, you deserve nothing less!


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