Amazing Candid Wedding Photography at The Rustic Gatherings Lodge with Jillian and Joe

When I met with Jillian and Joe a year ago, I photographed them in Worcester, MA in front of a... very interesting statue and at a historic hot dog stand. I knew then that their wedding was going to be one for the books. 

I was thrilled to head up to Warren NH. Their wedding was at the cozy Rustic Gatherings Lodge. The venue was incredible! The food was great, the grounds were beautiful and the staff was warm and friendly.

And - of course - Jillian and Joe. They are an amazing couple! So in love, down to earth, and my kind of humor! Their family and friends were A-MAZING! I was blown away by how close they all were! From busting into Smash Mouth lyrics at a drop of a hat to dancing, no one was shy, everyone was their to party. More importantly, they were all there to celebrate Jillian and Joe!

There was just so much to take in - from their hand forged wedding bands made by the couple themselves to the Game of Thrones theme (Spoiler: no Red Wedding), to the Flying Spaghetti Monster groom presentation... of spaghetti, to the gorgeous White Mountains valley, it was truly a day to remember. Photographing their candid moments at this wedding was such a joy!

Below are just a handful of photos from their wonderful day.